Frequently Asked Lens Replacement Questions

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What are IOLs?

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are small artificial lenses that are used to replace your natural lens in procedures such as cataract surgery and presbyopia treatment. These lenses are often successful in enhancing overall vision, and may be used as an alternative to LASIK to correct refractive errors as well.

What are premium IOLs?

At our Greensboro, North Carolina, office, we only offer premium lens replacement options. In the past, IOLs were monofocal, and could not correct vision at a range of distances. Monofocal IOLs almost always resulted in the need for reading glasses even after lens replacement surgery.

By contrast, new multifocal IOLs can correct several vision problems. Premium IOLs have the ability to replace cloudy lenses and also provide optimal vision at any distance.

Are IOLs safe?

IOLs have undergone stringent and thorough testing by the FDA. Millions of lens replacement procedures have been performed both nationally and internationally. In fact, their placement during cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed in the United States today. IOLs are a safe and effective way to treat many vision problems, and the only treatment for cataracts.

Will I feel the IOL after my procedure?

You will not feel your artificial lens after your procedure. The only difference you will notice is clearer, sharper, and more focused vision.

Are both eyes treated at the same time?

If both eyes require treatment, a waiting period of two  weeks or more will be required between your procedures. This allows your body significant time to heal and helps reduce unnecessary vision disruptions.

Who is a good candidate for lens replacement?

If you suffer from cataracts, your only option is lens replacement. If you are suffering from diminished vision from presbyopia or a refractive error, or if you have been told you are not a good candidate for LASIK, lens replacement may also be a good option. The best way to determine candidacy is through a thorough evaluation at our comfortable Greensboro office.

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