Premium Lens Replacement Options

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At Piedmont Eye Surgical & Laser Center, we believe in offering our patients the highest quality, most advanced intraocular lenses (IOLs) available. For years, IOLs were monofocal and, while able to replace lenses clouded by cataracts, could not provide a full range of vision enhancement. The optional premium lenses offered at our Greensboro area office have the capability of offering enhanced vision at a range of distances, and may allow you to live a life free of glasses.

Lens Replacement Options

older woman with IOLs smiling outdoorsWith advancements in IOL technology, our eye doctors may be able to correct vision disorders such as astigmatism in addition to replacing lenses clouded by cataracts. Some examples of premium lenses include ReSTOR®.

A breakthrough in IOL technology, ReSTOR® lenses bend light to provide enhanced vision at any distance. In a recent study, 80 percent of people who received ReSTOR® lenses reported no longer needing glasses after implantation in both eyes.

Are IOLs Right for Me?

Every eye is different. During your cataract surgery evaluation, our ophthalmologists will carefully assess your eyes and make suggestions for the type of IOL that will most improve your vision. While many of these lenses can reduce your dependence on glasses, it is possible that prescription eyewear will still be required. During your initial consultation, our eye surgeons will discuss with you what you can expect from your lens replacement surgery.

If you live in the Piedmont Triad and would like more information on premium lens replacement options, please call Piedmont Eye Surgical & Laser Center at 336-854-4441 to schedule a cataract surgery evaluation today.