Your Consultation

Greensboro, High Point, Thomasville, Winston, Salem, North Carolina

Your consultation at our  office is the first step in receiving the treatment most suited to meet your needs. Board-certified North Carolina ophthalmologist, Dr. Bevis, takes the time necessary to provide each of our patients with a personalized and comprehensive first visit. To ensure proper treatment and optimal care, these consultations can take up to three hours. Please allow yourself plenty of time to enable us to provide you with the best service possible.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

You will begin your consultation by filling out medical history forms. You can download the forms and fill them out prior to your consultation to help speed the process, but this is not required. In addition to the forms, Dr. Bevis will ask you about any medications you are taking, all known allergies, and other pertinent medical information. This will help us make the best decision regarding your vision care.

After you have filled out the forms, you will be given a thorough vision screening. In this screening, one of our vision technicians will assess:

  • Visual acuity
  • Confrontation visual fields
  • Extraocular movements

We will also take measurements and provide tests including:

  • Pupillary tests
  • Retinoscopy
  • Cover test
  • Tonometry
  • Slit lamp examination

The results of these tests will be given to Dr. Bevis for review. Based on his findings, Dr. Bevis will then create a treatment plan. When necessary this will include scheduling your surgery and prescribing all initial medications.

We treat every one of our patients with the same respect and care we would hope to be treated with during a visit to the doctor and strive to make your experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We look forward to being able to serve your needs, and providing you with optimal vision for years to come.

If you live in the Piedmont Triad and are interested in vision correction surgery or have been referred to our office by your optometrist, please contact Piedmont Eye Surgical & Laser Center to schedule a treatment evaluation today.