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The removal of cataracts requires replacing your eye’s natural lens with an artificial one. In years past, the only option for lens replacement was a monofocal lens, which provided good distance or near vision, but could not provide both.

Advancements in lens technology have brought about exciting new premium lens replacement options such as ReSTOR® that can replace cloudy lenses and also improve vision at a range of distances.

ReSTOR® Lens Design

eye doctor demonstrating ReSTOR intraocular lens on model eyeReSTOR® lenses combine two zones for optimal vision: an apodized diffractive zone in the center for near and intermediate distances, and a refractive zone around the outer rim for enhanced far and nighttime vision.

Your natural lens adapts to light by changing shape to impact the focal point of light entering your eye. ReSTOR® lenses use stepped zones to produce a similar effect, providing near 20/20 vision in many patients.

This feature is not unique to ReSTOR®, but due to the unique apodized design of ReSTOR® lenses, they tend to outperform other options in reducing glare and halos around lights. This makes ReSTOR® the optimal solution for many of our Greensboro area patients.

ReSTOR® Risks and Complications

Many of the risks associated with ReSTOR® have less to do with the lens and more to do with cataract surgery itself. Although rare, risks of cataract surgery include infection, excessive bleeding, and retinal detachment.

Risks with ReSTOR® lenses are similar to risks with any artificial lens. Your brain may take time to adapt to seeing out of the lens, which can provide more difficulties seeing until you fully adjust. This process can take anywhere from one day to six months, but some patients may never fully adjust to their new lenses. Our doctors will work closely with you to help ensure you are adapting, and make changes to your eyewear prescription during this period if necessary.

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